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Our products are manufactured with lots of love in the Alps-Adriatic Area.

Our products are made of high-quality polypropylene, a recyclable plastic. PAUL POTATO is also available in robust steel.

Sustainability and environmental protection are very important to us.

Our products are designed to have a very long lifecycle, so the disposal should play a minor role. With SISSI STRAWBERRY and PAUL POTATO we additionally prevent harmful single-use plastic (packaging of fruits and vegetables).

But no worries, we´re searching intensively for alternatives to use recycled plastic for our production as soon as possible.


Potatoes can be planted within a few minutes in PAUL POTATO. Just fill up half of every level with soil. Put a potato seedling in each corner. Then add another layer of soil- that´s it. More details how to set up PAUL POTATO you can find here.

PAUL POTATO Starter needs an area of 44x44cm and has a height of 50cm to 65cm, depending on how much levels you choose. You can find more information concerning the dimensions on the particular product pages in our shop.

Of course we offer them directly! Just browse around our online shop: we have lot´s of different varieties in stock. Here you can get an overview and order your favourite potato variety directly!

This represents the maturation period of the potato varieties, which can amount 90 days (at first earlies) to 160 days (at maincropped). For more information just have a look on the article"potato varieties".

Potatoes belong to the nightshade plant family, therefore they need a similar soil as tomatoes. The soil should be light, so the potato seedlings can grow easier. We developed a special potato soil for you, which is enriched with the most important nutrients. So your potatoes can grow profitable. This soil is available in the refill set, together with potato seedlings and sheep wool fertilizer- everything you need for planting.

You can start planting by mid March, if you protect your plants against freeze. For this we would recommend you an antifreeze cover. More information concerning the right time for planting you can findhere.

For sure you can also cultivate other plants in your PAUL POTATO. The best way to use the area is to grow potatoes in the lower levels, but use the upper level as a mini raised-bed. Salad, radish, herbs and so on feel pretty comfortable in there! Be creative!
For more inspiration click here.
For sure you can plant your PAUL POTATO completely new after potato season. What about autumn vegetables?


Planting strawberries in SISSI STRAWBERRY is pretty easy. Just fill every level with soil and put a strawberry plant in each opening on the side. For more information please click here.

SISSI STRAWBERRY´s base is the widest part of our strawberry tree and has a diameter of approx. 32 cm. SISSI STRAWBERRY has a height between 77cm and 184cm, depending on the version you choose. You can find more information concerning the dimensions on the particular product pages in our shop.

Every strawberrry variety is suitable for planting in SISSI STRAWBERRY. Within Austria and Germany we deliver strawberry plants directly to your home from a domestic market garden. Just have a look at ourShop.

For planting strawberries you can use berry soil or just all-purpose soil.

You can start planting your strawberries by mid April to mid June. Strawberries are hardy, which means you don´t have to plant new ones year by year. How to get your strawberry plants through the winter you can readhere.

Strawberries are hardy, which means you don´t have to plant new ones year by year. How does it work? You can read this in our blog article „SISSI STRAWBERRY überwintern“.

You can grow lots of different plants in SISSI STRAWBERRY like salad or various herbs. Just be creative! You can find some inspiration in our blog article "Alternative Anpflanzmöglichkeiten".


TOM TOMATO is set up and ready to plant just in a few simple steps. Afterwards you just have to fill with soil and put in a tomato plant.

You can find all details in our TOM TOMATO How-to.

TOM TOMATO (incl. climbing support) needs an area of 35 x 28 cm with a height of 135 cm.

For your successful tomato harvest we recommend tomato soil. You can find pre-mixed tomato soils in trade, which are ideal for planting tomatoes.

If you like to grow tomato plants out of seeds, you should start in March. But if you like to plant young tomato plants, you should wait with planting at least to mid May. You should definitely avoid freeze.


TOM TOMATO solves all problems related to planting tomatoes. You get a complete planting system, incl. planter, water tank and climbing support.

TOMATO BUDDY is our universally usable climbing support, which adds to every common planter and upgrades it perfectly.

Set-up and planting are done just in a few steps. Just stack the items of the climbing support together (you can find more informations in our TOMATO BUDDY How-to) and place it in a planter. Fill up with soil and put a young tomato plant in it. Secure the main shoots with the integrated fastening clips.

TOMATO BUDDY needs an area of 18 x 18 cm with a height of 128 cm.

For sure you can also use TOMATO BUDDY for every other climbing vegetable. Cucumbers, beans and lots of other vegetables will love TOMATO BUDDY. We´re sure you will love it too.