Alternative planting options

We know how difficult it is to grow food in a small space. That's why we have PAUL POTATO and SISSI STRAWBERRY developed. But did you know that you can grow more than just potatoes and strawberries with our products?


PAUL POTATO is particularly suitable as a mini raised bed. The top floor is perfect for growing vegetables, herbs or fruits, but the lower floors can also be planted alternatively. We would be happy to give you inspiration about what else grows in PAUL POTATO besides potatoes:

  • Herbs: Whether basil, parsley, chives, thyme or mint – you can be creative here. The herbs not only grow on the top floor, but also from the side openings.
  • Salad: Lettuce, but also lettuce, rocket and the like are looking forward to being harvested by you.
  • Spinach: this particularly healthy vegetable can be sown very early in the year! This can be planted again and again until autumn.
  • Chard: very similar to spinach and also very healthy, chard can be harvested until autumn.
  • Radishes: this delicious vegetable is very easy to grow and doesn't require much to grow well. Once harvested, radishes can be sown again and again!
  • Strawberries: the red, sweet fruits grow not only in SISSI STRAWBERRY, but also in PAUL POTATO. You can plant them in the side openings as well as in the top floor.
  • Flowers: yes, you don't necessarily only have to plant berries or vegetables in PAUL POTATO. From flowers to ivy to succulents, you can also get creative here and decorate PAUL POTATO according to your taste.

By the way, you can find a selection of our favorite vegetable varieties for PAUL POTATO in our shop - because we have put together a PAUL POTATO seed mix especially for you.


Our SISSI STRAWBERRY can do so much more than just strawberries! With SISSI STRAWBERRY you also have a great product for urban gardening. For this reason, we would like to show you different planting options here:

  • Herbs: like in PAUL POTATO, you can easily grow your own herbs in SISSI STRAWBERRY. This is not only practical, but also looks really cool! How about lemon balm, which exudes a wonderful scent on your terrace or balcony? Or would you rather use basil, chives or mint?
  • Peppers: A pepper plant also has enough space in one of the side openings. You can now easily grow your own peppers at home.
  • Lettuce: oh yes, lettuce also grows out of the side openings. Your own salad tastes so much better than store-bought.
  • Garlic: Have you ever tried growing garlic at home? It's not difficult at all, and your own garlic is totally flavorful!
  • Flowers: SISSI STRAWBERRY looks really sweet when planted with colorful flowers. A unique decoration!

Of course, there are many more options for what can be planted in SISSI STRAWBERRY and PAUL POTATO. With this short list of herbs, vegetables and fruits we want to give you a few ideas. Of course, you can also be creative yourself and think of other varieties and grow them. For example, in PAUL POTATO you can plant 3 floors with potatoes and simply use the top floor as a raised bed. With SISSI STRAWBERRY you can also put strawberries in a few tiers and herbs or vegetables in the rest.