Gusta Garden has stood for sustainability since the company was founded in 2017. For this reason, we are extremely pleased that we were awarded the EFK certificate for sustainability by the Energy Forum Carinthia in autumn 2022.


It is important to us to keep delivery routes as short as possible. For this reason, you will not find “Made in China” on our products. Quite the opposite - we are proud to produce exclusively in the Alps-Adriatic region. So when you order from us, you can be sure that your products don't have to travel halfway around the world!


It is very important to us not to produce any new plastic for our plant products. That's why we've been looking for recycled materials for PAUL POTATO, SISSI STRAWBERRY and Co. for a long time. At the moment, our planters are made entirely of high-quality, food-safe,
UV- and temperature-resistant polypropylene and the trellises made of aluminum. This means that every Gusta Garden product is designed to last a long time and is 100% recyclable .
Unfortunately, it is currently very difficult to find recycled plastic from post-consumer waste that meets our requirements 100% for the production of our products. On the one hand, the plastic must be food-safe (i.e. must not release any harmful substances into fruit and vegetables), as well as be temperature-resistant and, on the other hand, have a long service life. After all, our products are always exposed to water, wind, sun, rain, heat, cold, etc. But don't worry, as the topic of sustainability is very important to us, we are working intensively with our suppliers on alternative materials so that we can continue to produce truly safe, food-safe products for you in the future.


Sustainability is also a priority when it comes to packaging materials. Our product packaging is designed so that it can also be used as shipping boxes. This means that no additional packaging is required. When choosing materials, we rely on a high recycled content. Wherever possible, only boxes made from 100% recycled paper are used.