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Spaß im Grünen: Gartenarbeit mit Kindern
Fun in the countryside: gardening with children
There is hardly anything better than spending time in the garden with your children. Whether you have a large garden, a small bed or just a few flower pots on the balcony - gardening with children...
Grüner Daumen gesucht? Gartenarbeit für jeden
Looking for a green thumb? Gardening for everyone
Have you ever wondered if gardening is just for the “natural” gardeners? Or if you could ever develop the ability to not only plant plants, but also make them thrive? If yes, then this post is for...
Der perfekte Boden für dein Gartenglück: Erde richtig wählen und anpassen
The perfect soil for your gardening happiness: choose the right soil and adapt it
Every gardener knows: Good soil is essential for healthy plants and a bountiful harvest. But how do you find the right soil for your vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants? In this article you wil...
Kartoffelkäfer-Alarm: So schützt du deine Ernte erfolgreich
Colorado potato beetle alarm: How to successfully protect your harvest
An uninvited guest in many vegetable gardens: the Colorado potato beetle. Stubborn and resistant to many insecticides, it poses a serious threat to the potato crop. We'll show you how to get rid of...
Gesunde Ernährung für Kinder: 5 essenzielle Tipps für das Wachstum und Wohlbefinden
Healthy eating for children: 5 essential tips for growth and well-being
The growth and development of children are closely linked to a balanced diet. However, they can be particularly picky when it comes to choosing their food. But with a few creative strategies, pare...
Effizient, lecker, abwechslungsreich: So gestaltest du deinen perfekten Kochplan
Efficient, tasty, varied: This is how you design your perfect cooking plan
Cooking is one of the most important activities in everyday life, but often it can be stressful to think about dinner every day and then get the right ingredients.
Nachhaltig Gärtnern – Einfache Tipps für deinen Heimgarten, Balkon und Terrasse
Sustainable gardening – simple tips for your home garden, balcony and terrace
This is all about sustainable gardening - a practice that not only benefits our earth, but also ourselves. We'll show you how to make your garden, balcony or terrace more environmentally friendly ...
Schluss mit Schleimspuren: Effektive und umweltfreundliche Strategien gegen Schnecken im Garten
No more traces of slime: effective and environmentally friendly strategies against snails in the garden
Snails in the garden can be a real challenge. Not only are they a common nuisance for amateur gardeners, but they can also cause significant damage to plants. In this article we want to look at eff...
Von Sehkraft bis Stimmung: Wie ein Vitaminmangel uns mehr beeinflusst, als wir denken.
From vision to mood: How a vitamin deficiency affects us more than we think.
What general symptoms can indicate a vitamin deficiency and how do I recognize them early? Do you often feel tired, even after a good night's sleep? Or have you noticed that your skin looks som...