Ongoing care from PAUL POTATO

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In PAUL POTATO Potatoes can be easily grown at home. But like almost all vegetables, these plants also require a little care in order to grow optimally. We have a few tips for you on what you should pay attention to during ongoing care to promote a bountiful harvest.


When it comes to potatoes, it is important that they are watered regularly, but care must also be taken to ensure that the soil in between can dry thoroughly. If you are unsure, simply do the index finger test by carefully sticking your finger a few centimeters deep into the soil and feeling whether it is already dry or still moist. Too much moisture makes the plants more susceptible to disease and rot. You should also be careful when watering with a garden hose or watering can so that the loose potato soil is not washed away from the surface and the tubers are exposed.


Ideally, our organic sheep's wool fertilizer was mixed into the soil when planting the PAUL POTATO. This works throughout the entire season and also has water-storing properties.

A liquid fertilizer should also be used, especially during the time when the potato plants form the first flowers, because the tubers need a lot of strength at this time. The liquid fertilizer can also be used every 3-4 days during this phase.

Cover potatoes with soil

It can happen that in PAUL POTATO the potatoes grow close to the surface, especially on the top floor. If you notice this happening, it is important to add another layer of soil over the potatoes. If the potatoes are exposed to direct sunlight, the tubers develop green spots and produce more solanine, a natural poison that should not be ingested.

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