Foliage liquid fertilizer

Foliage liquid fertilizer

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Foliage is a 100% organic fertilizer

produced from pasture grass

Universal fertilizer for houseplants, fruit and vegetables, herbs and lawns



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Foliage liquid fertilizer

Blattwerk's liquid NPK fertilizer is both 100% organic and 100% vegan because it is made from pasture and meadow grass. In contrast to synthetic fertilizers, which are produced with immense effort from fossil raw materials such as petroleum, phosphorus or potassium, foliage consists of 100% renewable raw materials. Blattwerk is produced in the EU and is free of genetically modified material, chemicals and additives.

Blattwerk liquid fertilizer is characterized by:

  • High proportion of free amino acids and plant-available nitrogen as well as phosphorus and potassium for optimal plant growth.
  • Used as flower fertilizer, lawn fertilizer, fruit fertilizer, vegetable fertilizer and fertilizer for hemp and herbs. For use as a foliar, root or soil fertilizer.

Universal use

The foliage, which is created through several digestion, filtration and concentration processes, contains a wide range of freely available amino acids as well as minerals, carboxylic and lactic acids and sugars. In combination with the ammonium nitrogen it contains, which is available to plants, foliage is suitable as a universal fertilizer for houseplants, fruit and vegetables, herbs and lawns.

Strength & Nutrients

Amino acids and nitrogen are directly available to the plant and do not have to be synthesized first. The plant can put the energy saved into fruit formation as well as root and leaf growth. Foliage thereby ensures strong foliage, protects the fruit and improves photosynthesis. The vegan lactic acid and sugar components increase the formation of bacteria in the soil and thus ensure more oxygen and stronger roots.

Goods declaration: organic NPK fertilizer liquid 1.3 + 0.7 + 5.3 with magnesium (MgO) and iron (Fe) using plant substances Nutrient content: total nitrogen (N): 1.33%, total phosphorus (P2O5 ): 0.69%, total potassium (K2O): 5.30% raw materials: 100% vegetable substances from agriculture Secondary components: iron (Fe): 0.04%, sulfur (S): 0.20%, org . Substance: 19.33%


Add your BLATTWERK fertilizer regularly to the irrigation water at a dosage of 0.5%. The fertilizer can always be added to the irrigation water in this concentration, regardless of the season and growth phase. For problem-free and safe dosing, use the dosing cap included in the bottle.

1 L 5ml
5L 25ml
10 L 50ml

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Biofabrik Green Refinery GmbH, Rossendorfer Ring 6, 01328 Dresden
Country of production: Germany

Keep out of the reach of children and pets.