Are you looking for the perfect gift?

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PAUL POTATO as a gift

How about giving something really useful this year? Something useful that is easy to use and that will also benefit you in the long term? Here we tell you 5 reasons why CHARLY CHILI , PAUL POTATO, SISSI STRAWBERRY and TOM TOMATO are wonderful gifts:

Reason #1

... because anyone can easily grow their own delicious, unsprayed and healthy food at home .

With PAUL POTATO and SISSI STRAWBERRY, anyone who has a garden, a terrace or even just a small city balcony can become a home gardener themselves. Due to the space-saving, vertical design of the products, only a small area is required for placement.

Reason #2

... because the recipient also receives a gift that can be used for many years.
Strawberries are perennial, so your SISSI STRAWBERRY can bear sweet fruit for several years. So you don't need to plant new strawberries every year, you can overwinter the plants in SISSI. In PAUL POTATO, autumn vegetables can still be planted after the potato harvest and harvested until winter. TOM TOMATO and CHARLY CHILI spoil you with plenty of fruit from June to September. At the end of the gardening season, all products can be stored for the winter to save space as they can be stored compactly inside each other.

Reason #3

... because we should all consume more sustainably and thus declare war on harmful single-use plastic in packaging .

The environment says thank you when you can harvest your vegetables, herbs and fruits right at home! No more single-use plastic bowls, plastic bags and plastic covers. We design and produce in the Alps-Adriatic region, which guarantees that our products have the shortest possible delivery route to you. We find producing on the other side of the world totally uncool and consciously avoid it.

Reason #4

... because cultivation is so easy that everyone can enjoy a bountiful harvest.
We develop our products so that even people with not so green thumbs can easily plant and harvest chilies, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes and many other types of fruit or vegetables. Well-thought-out features such as irrigation system, integrated water tank, stable trellis, pest protection, etc. not only make the plants happy, but also relax future gardeners. In our guide we also provide helpful tips and tricks on all useful topics related to urban gardening.

Reason #5

... because fries made from your own potatoes, curry made from your own chilies, spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and cocktails (or cakes) made with your own strawberries simply taste so much better.

Yes, we know that fries ALWAYS taste great... But once you've tasted fries made from home-grown potatoes, you won't want any other ones! That alone should be reason enough to give PAUL POTATO as a gift! Why go to strawberry land when you can pick your own strawberries from SISSI STRAWBERRY in the comfort of your own home? Watching the fiery hot pods in CHARLY CHILI or the sweet, aromatic fruits in TOM TOMATO ripen on the balcony is simply enchanting. Not to mention the incomparable taste!