Ongoing care of SISSI STRAWBERRY

Planting strawberries is child's play in SISSI STRAWBERRY . But like almost every plant, strawberries also require a little care in order to grow optimally. We have a few tips for you on how you can take care of the plants on an ongoing basis to promote a bountiful harvest.


Basically it is enough to pour the strawberries over the top tier. However, if the strawberries are freshly planted, you should initially carefully water them lightly into the side openings. The reason for this is that the young plants need a certain amount of time until the roots reach down into the main area of ​​the respective floor.

Strawberries should be watered regularly, but it is important to allow the soil to dry out between watering. If the soil is consistently moist, disease and mold can occur. Care should also be taken to ensure that the water is applied directly to the soil and that flowers and leaves get as little of it as possible. As soon as the excess water collects in the base, you can be sure that the lowest floor has definitely received enough water.


Strawberry plants should be fertilized primarily in spring and then again in fall so that they are strong for the next season. You should not fertilize too much during the season; it is sufficient to add liquid fertilizer, such as our organic liquid fertilizer , to the irrigation water every 2 weeks.

Shut up

Strawberry plants develop long shoots that are actually intended to ensure that the plants multiply. These shoots should be cut off as early as possible so that the plant can put all its energy into the fruit and is not weakened. But it is also possible to grow new strawberry plants from the shoots!

In addition, it can happen that mold spots or brown spots form on leaves; these should then also be cut off. This type of disease can occur especially after long periods of rain, but does not damage the entire plant. If the damaged leaves are removed as quickly as possible, the rest of the plant including the fruits can continue to develop well.

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