Potatoes as a versatile home remedy

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Kartoffelvielfalt We all love our potatoes in the kitchen, no matter what form they take. It is not for nothing that potatoes are one of the most popular staple foods in Europe. However, very few people know that potatoes are also good outside of the kitchen and have many other positive properties. They have been used as home remedies for a long time.

For this reason, we started looking for other uses for the tuber. You can find out here which home remedies potatoes can be used and how they can help you around the house!

Dry hands? Potatoes instead of hand cream

Sounds strange, but it works!
When potatoes are cooked, they release some of their vitamins and minerals into the water. So after boiling, let the water cool down and then put your hands in it for 10 to 15 minutes . Your skin will be supple and soft afterwards. A great tip in the cold season when your hands become slightly dry and cracked!

Mild stomach pain? Dr. Potato helps!

Anyone who complains of mild stomach pain can try to relieve the pain with the juice of a raw potato. Potato juice may not be particularly tasty, but it has been considered a home remedy for many years. The ingredients make it an acid inhibitor that binds excess acid and thus neutralizes it. This leads to relief of symptoms, including heartburn and belching.

How do I get potato juice? A healthy option is to use a potato from your PAUL POTATO , for example, because you know where and under what conditions it grew! Very important: remove the entire shell - it should not be eaten raw. If you have a juicer at home, use that. If not, then grate the potato by hand in a tea towel using a very fine grater and finally squeeze out the juice. In both cases, you should drink the juice immediately, otherwise it will oxidize and lose important ingredients.

PS: Potatoes as a home remedy in this area are of course in no way a substitute for a visit to the doctor 🙂

Salt the soup too much? A potato can save them!

It can quickly happen that the salt slips from the spoon and the soup is too salty. In this area, potatoes are particularly popular as a home remedy. But you don't have to throw away your salty food immediately.

There is still a way to save it. Of course, not every dish can be made edible again. For soups, goulash or chili con carne, for example, you can peel a raw potato and cut it into large pieces . Then cook the dish together again. The potato starch then absorbs some of the salt, neutralizing it.

Tensions? Potatoes instead of hot water bottles!

Another popular home remedy is the potato wrap. The moist heat is particularly good for the body if you have tension, neck, shoulder or stomach pain. A potato wrap is very easy to make: Take 5 to 6 medium-sized potatoes and cook them until soft. Then peel them, place them on a cloth (preferably made of cotton or linen) or in a wrap and gently crush them. When the compress is no longer too hot, you can apply it to the affected area. It's not the ingredients that ensure relaxation, but the heat-conducting characteristics of the potatoes!

Squeezing shoe? Not with potatoes!

Almost everyone knows the problem - you buy new leather shoes and at the beginning it usually pinches and pinches somewhere. Our super vegetables are used again to widen the shoes! Take a raw potato and cut it in half. Now place the wet side against the pressing area. You can stuff the shoe with newspaper to keep the potato from slipping. The potato starch then softens the leather overnight. Wipe away the residue with a damp cloth, then you can put the shoes back on.

Our conclusion: potatoes can do much more than just taste delicious. Our grandmothers already knew that potatoes can be used in a variety of ways as a home remedy and have tested a wide variety of uses for them.