What types of potatoes are there?

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Even experienced hobby gardeners are often amazed when they find out how many different types of potatoes there are on this earth. Because the domestic offering is very limited in many places. In total, there are more than 4,000 types of potatoes known worldwide.

Some of them differ significantly in appearance, taste, cooking properties and maturing time during cultivation. All varieties can be grown both in beds and easily in potato towers . It's particularly easy with our PAUL POTATO .


Different flavors

In general, the taste of most types of potatoes can best be described with the word “earthy”. Some of the more unusual and exotic varieties also tend to have a nutty taste or have a note of chestnut. The varieties can also vary in the intensity of the taste.

Appearance of different potatoes

In Central Europe we mainly know yellow-fleshed potato varieties with a smooth surface. But there are also red potatoes and black or blue potatoes . Some of them have a cone-like growth and are grooved on the surface. Blue and black potatoes are considered particularly healthy. The water-soluble dyes they contain (so-called anthocyanins) have the function of protecting the potato plant against the influence of free radicals. As a result, these substances are not absorbed into the plant and therefore do not end up on the plate. However, anthocyanins do not affect the taste of the potato.


Cooking properties

When it comes to the cooking properties of the different types of potatoes, a rough distinction can be made between waxy, predominantly waxy and floury varieties. The only difference here is in the starch content - the less starch, the firmer the potato is.

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Boiling solid

The waxy potato varieties are suitable for preparing potato dishes in which the potatoes should remain whole and you do not want them to fall apart. They have a relatively low starch content and are ideal for potato salad or boiled potatoes, for example.

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Predominantly waxy

Mainly waxy varieties break down more quickly when cooked than the waxy varieties. Despite their higher starch content, they can be processed in a similar way to the waxy varieties.

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Floury boiling

Due to their high starch content, the floury types of potatoes break down relatively quickly when cooked. They are therefore less suitable for dishes where the potatoes need to remain firm to the bite. But they are ideal for soups or mashed potatoes.


Duration of ripening

When it comes to ripening time, a distinction is made between early potatoes (also called “Heurige”) with a ripening time of 90-110 days, medium-early ripening potatoes with a ripening time of 120-140 days and late potatoes with a ripening time of 140-160 days.

When harvesting potatoes , it is important to consider the ripening period. Mid-early and late potatoes are ready to harvest when the potato weeds have died and started to dry. The leaves of early potatoes are still green at the time of harvest. If you want to check your potatoes for ripeness, you can simply pick one or two pieces out of the ground and rub them on the peel. If it doesn't separate from the potato flesh, you have a ripe potato in your hands and can get ready to harvest.

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