Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit
Microgreens refill kit

Microgreens refill kit

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harvest your own microgreens in HARRY HERBS in no time

simply sow the seeds on the moistened growing mat and watch them grow

many varieties to choose from

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Microgreens refill set including grow mat

Microgreens are literally the in-thing! They are holistic multi talents and impress not only with their attractive look. Furthermore, they are stuffed with lots of nutrients and an intense aroma. Right after a few days when your microgreens are ready for harvesting, they are already fully loaded with many important vitamins and minerals. With this set you can start growing microgreens in your HARRY HERBS .

  • set with an absorbent grow mat
  • microgreens seeds (choose your favorite variety)
  • beginner friendly
  • guarantee of success even if you are no green-thumbed expert
  • intense and versatile taste adventure
  • full of vitamins and nutrients


  1. Lead the 4 irrigation wicks through the insert of HARRY HERBS and place it on the insert holder.
  2. Place the grow mat on the prepared insert and moisten it well. Then fill HARRY HERBS completely with water. The irrigation wicks keep the growing mat including seeds constantly moist and ensure optimal germination conditions.
  3. Sow the seeds evenly on the growing mat. Place your HARRY HERBS in a dark place (e.g. in a cupboard) and check your microgreens after 3 days. Once the seeds have germinated, place HARRY HERBS in a bright place and top up with water if necessary.
  4. Microgreens are harvested when the first pair of leaves have developed after the cotyledons.

You can incorporate microgreens in many different ways into your diet. From salads, to soups, to sandwiches, to blending them up in your smoothies, there are endless ways to enjoy your colourful delicious microgreens. If you are looking for some inspiration just have a look at our recipes .

Package contents

1x grow mat for HARRY HERBS
1x microgreens seeds of your choice