Strawberries overwinter in SISSI STRAWBERRY

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Strawberries are perennial, which means they are hardy and can easily survive our winter climate. With a few simple and quick steps you can support your strawberries so that they produce the same number of strawberries next season. Or even more!


If no more fruit grows in the fall, you can completely cut back all the vines and withered foliage so that there are no leaves left on the plant. This means that the strawberry doesn't use up unnecessary energy on its leaves in winter! She needs the strength to survive the cold temperatures. But CAUTION – the heart of the plant must not be injured. The cut leaves should then be removed, as rotting leaves promote rot and mold.

Position correctly

Once you have prepared the plants, place SISSI STRAWBERRY assembled or tier by tier in a protected place, such as on a terrace or balcony or against a house wall. The best way to protect your plants is with a breathable frost protection cover. Our eco-freeze protection fleece can of course also be used for SISSI STRAWBERRY. The frost protection hood should then be removed in good time in spring to prevent rot and other diseases.


When it comes to strawberries in the winter, it's better not to water them at all than to water them too much! Every now and then you can water your strawberries very little on frost-free days - but be careful here: only put a few drops of water into the openings. If there is too much water, the plant roots freeze and can no longer recover!

With these tips you can overwinter your strawberries and your SISSI STRAWBERRY will produce great strawberries again next year.