SAMMY SALAD instructions

Wir möchten mit unseren Pflanzprodukten den platzsparenden Anbau von Obst & Gemüse zuhause für jeden so einfach wie möglich machen.

Would you like to harvest fresh, crisp lettuce all year round? Nothing easier than that!
Setting up our modern raised bed is as easy as growing it. That's why we came up with a well thought-out system for SAMMY SALAD. SAMMY SALAD is delivered to you compactly packaged in its individual parts, but assembly is completed in no time

In these instructions you will learn everything from the simple structure to the effortless care of your lettuce plants. In no time you will have your own salad bed on the balcony, terrace or in the garden.

PS: If you don't feel like reading through the entire guide, then sit back and just watch this Video at the end of this post.

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  • Duration: 10 minutes
  • Tools: not required



Step 1

First, place the foot attachments (A and B) on the underside of the planter into the designated slots: foot attachment A into foot gap A, foot attachment B into foot gap B).

Step 2

Then insert the wooden legs (C) in the foot attachments (A, B) and place one foot cap (D) on each leg (C).

Step 3

Place SAMMY SALAD on its legs and insert the intermediate floors (E) into the planter.

Step 4

Put the filling funnel (H) next to the filling opening onto the intermediate floors (E).

Step 5

Insert the two metal rods (G) into the pre-made slots of your SAMMY SALAD.

Schritt 6

Attach the fastening clips (I) and the openers for ventilation (J) to the cover (K).


Step 1

Fill SAMMY SALAD with about 40 liters of soil. Additionally, fill the water tank through the side filling opening with 15 liters of water.

Step 2

Sow seeds or plant the seedlings of your choice in the soil. Water the seeds/plants lightly. If necessary, close the cover for protection or better germination when needed.


When assembled, SAMMY SALAD (incl. hood) measures 79 x 37.5 cm and is 95 cm high.

SAMMY SALAD is set up and ready for planting in minutes. Next, all you have to do is fill your raised bed with 40L of soil and the water tank with 15L of water. You then have the choice of sowing seeds in your raised bed or planting young plants straight away.

You can find all the details on the setup and cultivation in the SAMMY SALAD How-To.

Since SAMMY SALAD's wooden legs are a purely natural product, your empty raised bed may wobble a little at first. But as soon as you have filled SAMMY SALAD with soil and water, your raised bed is guaranteed to be stable.

A wooden leg may not fit perfectly into the foot attachment gap. This can happen because SAMMY SALAD's legs are a pure, untreated natural product. In this case, you can simply rotate the leg 180° and press the other end firmly into the foot attachment. If that does not work either, please contact us by email and we will of course take care of a replacement for you immediately.

Your raised bed can be placed anywhere - whether on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. If you want to start sowing early varieties in February, we recommend a location in front of a house wall for best results. As a result, the temperatures under the hood are slightly higher and ensure better germination of your seeds. The same applies to autumn sowing of late varieties.

Organic raised bed soil or organic vegetable soil is ideal for planting young lettuce seedlings.

However, if you prefer to sow seeds in your SAMMY SALAD, we recommend using special potting soil. Seeds require far fewer nutrients than young plants, so this kind of substrate is tailored precisely to the needs of seedlings.

Fill your SAMMY SALAD with 2 layers of soil:

1st layer (below) = Organic Raised Bed Soil (35L)

2nd layer (top) = Organic Seed & Herb Soil (5 L)

In SAMMY SALAD you can plant fruit, vegetables, lettuce or herbs all year round. Thanks to the cover, outdoor cultivation under this cover is already possible from February on. If it gets cold in autumn, the cover protects your vegetables from frost. If you wish to pre-sprout some vegetables in winter, you can also use
your SAMMY SALAD indoors (e.g. without legs).

Regardless of whether you prefer to sow seeds or plant young plants straight away, always pay attention to the preferred temperatures and seasons of the respective varieties.

After sowing, water your seeds carefully from above for a while and additionally fill the tank with 15L of water. For small plants who already have longer and stronger roots, all you have to do is refill the tank regularly.

Yes, SAMMY SALAD is made entirely from food-safe materials.