ORGANIC seed and herb soil, 5L

ORGANIC seed and herb soil, 5L

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ready-to-use potting soil

perfect for sowing all fruit and vegetable plants

100% organic, regional raw materials

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ORGANIC seed and herb soil

ASB Greenworld organic seed & herb soil is a ready-to-use, fertilized soil for sowing and pricking out all plants, especially kitchen herbs and vegetables. 100% organic, regional raw materials.

Plants have different demands for nutrients in their different phases of life. Seedlings therefore require far fewer nutrients than strong and mature plants. This is where our potting soil comes into play: this special substrate is

  • geared to the needs of young seedlings,
  • particularly fine-pored, so that the initially hair-thin roots can develop optimally,
  • enriched with fewer nutrients than conventional flower or universal soil.

Seedlings are very susceptible to pests and diseases in the early stages of their lives. Therefore, potting soil is sterile and consequently germ-free. Likewise, no seeds or roots of other plants are included. This means that no other rogue seeds will germinate, which would later hinder the growth of the young plants.

This soil is also ideal as the top layer for your clever raised bed SAMMY SALAD.


Growing substrate for plants with low and medium nutrient requirements consisting of:

Nitrogen (N) 80 mg/l (CAT)
Phosphate (P2O5) 70 mg/1 (CAT)
Potassium oxide (K20)
300 mg/l (CAT)
Magnesium (Mg) 100 mg/l (CAT)
pH value: 5.7 (CaCl)
Salinity: 0.7 g/1 (KCI)

Raw materials: 70% organic soil material (raised moor peat, degree of decomposition H3 - H8), plant materials from gardening and landscaping (green waste compost) and from forestry (bark humus), sand, carbonated lime, plant materials from food production, animal by-products [(Cat . 2 according to Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009) (horn semolina)].

Additional Information

Manufacturer: ASB Grünland Helmut Aurenz GmbH, Mittlererpfad 19, 70499 Stuttgart
Country of production: Germany

Storage instructions: Store protected from the weather; protect against drying out or waterlogging; do not expose to direct sunlight.