PAUL POTATO Starter incl. tray

The world´s first potato tower with it´s space-saving, vertical design offers you the first experience of growing your own potatoes. Harvesting vegetables from your balcony, terrace or garden has never been easier!


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PAUL POTATO Starter: potato tower and vegetable garden


It is important to you that your food is locally grown and has not been chemically treated? You are modern and also want to grow your own vegetables on your city balcony? Then PAUL POTATO is just the thing for you.

PAUL POTATO, the world’s first professional potato tower, lets you grow your own healthy potatoes in the smallest of spaces. Whether you live in the city or in the country, a small balcony or terrace is enough to plant your own potatoes. You can even use the top level as a mini raised bed. Salad, herbs, radishes and many other vegetables grow perfectly in PAUL POTATO. Or you just grow more potatoes because the more fries the better, right?

And what are the advantages of our potato tower? There are many perks, such as:

  • simple cultivation of potatoes and other vegetables
  • included tray
  • special design for high yield
  • protects against pests
  • durable, weatherproof material
  • stylish design
  • space-saving, because it can be stacked on and in one another

On an area of ​​only 44x44cm you can easily grow your own, organic (and maybe crazy) potato varieties. PAUL POTATO Starter comes ready-to-plant – that means you don’t have to laboriously assemble everything, you just plant the individual floors and then stack them on each other.

What you need in addition to PAUL POTATO are soil, potato seedlings and ideally sheep’s wool fertilizer. And that’s it – the planting process only takes a few minutes!

We also offer you everything else what you might need for planting: antifreeze covers, proctective net against insects etc.

If you want to know in more detail how to plant potatoes in PAUL POTATO, have a look at our How-to.

3 levels 4 levels
package contents 3 levels
1 tray
4 levels
1 tray
size (L x W x H) 440x 440 x 500 mm 440 x 440 x 650 mm
weight 2,1 kg 2,5 kg
soil volume 42 L 56 L
needed potato seedlings 9 12
packaging size 388 x 440 x 220 mm
material polypropylene (PP)


anthracite, blue, dark green, green, white


3 levels, 4 levels