Chili plants "Pimiento de Padron"

Chili plants "Pimiento de Padron"

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pods vary in their spiciness

delicious paprika aroma

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Pimiento de Padron

This variety originally comes from Spain, more precisely from the area around the city of Padrón. What is striking about this variety is that the pods can not only look very different, but also vary in spiciness. For this reason, there is debate about the general spiciness of this variety.


The chili plant grows bushy and produces fruits of different shapes and sizes that ripen from green to red. Basically, they have a delicious paprika flavor.

“Pimientos de Padron” is also an indispensable appetizer in Spain and is offered as “tapas” almost everywhere. The pods are harvested green, braised in olive oil and served with freshly ground salt. The highlight: Many of the aromatic pods have a rather mild taste, but there are always a few “outliers” with a fiery spiciness, typical of the variety. So eating “Piementos de Padron” always ensures an exciting Spanish roulette.

Where do chili plants come from?

The plants are lovingly grown in a German nursery and sent directly to your home in special shipping boxes.

Level of spiciness and Scoville

Are you still unsure about the variety and level of spiciness? Then the table below will definitely help you. Here you will find all types of chili from our range, including all properties and a Scoville scale.

Scoville skala_1

Carolina Reaper red 10++ (spiciest) 2.2 million
De Cayenne red red 7 - 8 (very spicy) 30,000 - 50,000
De Cayenne yellow yellow 6 (spicy) 15,000
Habanero chocolate chocolate brown 10 (extremely sharp) up to 500,000
Habanero orange orange 10 (extremely sharp) up to 500,000
Habanero red red 10 (extremely sharp) up to 500,000
Jalapeno green | red 5 - 6 (spicy) 5,000 - 10,000
Naga Morich light red 10 + (mercilessly sharp) 1 million
Pimiento de Padron green | red 2 - 4 (mild - medium spicy) 500 - 2,500
Pimiento del Piquillo red 1 - 2 (mild) 500 - 1,500
Prairie Fire red 9 (extremely sharp) up to 70,000
tequila Sunrise orange 2 - 3 (mild - slightly spicy) 5 - 1,500
Thai Dragon light red 7 - 8 (very spicy) 30,000 - 50,000