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What exactly is a potato tower?

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A Potato tower is a type of raised bed for potatoes. With a potato tower you can grow potatoes in the smallest of spaces. With our PAUL POTATO you only need about a tenth of the area for the same yield that you achieve when growing in beds.

Growing potatoes in a ground-level bed requires a lot of space and is much more labor-intensive in every respect compared to growing potatoes in a potato tower.

With a potato tower you can easily grow a wide variety of potatoes yourself on the balcony or terrace and provide yourself and your family with tasty organic potatoes . All you need in addition to a high-quality potato tower are seed potatoes , soil and light.

Easy to plant the potatoes

Planting seed potatoes is made easier in the potato tower. A distance of around 10cm between the individual tubers is recommended. At Paul Potato you simply orientate yourself on the corners of the individual floors. One floor after the other is filled about half with earth. You can also mix the soil with a little fertilizer and give your potatoes the optimal composition of nutrients. A germinable potato is placed in each of the corners. The floor is then filled with soil - up to about 3 or 4cm below the edge.

Cultivation methods in the potato tower

Cultivation method professional

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The professional version corresponds more to the cultivation method of conventional potato towers. Soil is regularly poured onto the growing potato plants. As soon as the leaves come out about 15cm from the soil, add enough soil so that the plants are almost completely covered. Repeat this process until all floors are full.

Cultivation method Simple

Anbaumethode Simple

In the simple version, the individual tiers are simply stacked on top of each other after they have been filled with soil and seed potatoes. There is no need to add soil here.


Watering the potato plants in PAUL POTATO is particularly easy. You simply water the corners of each tier and the top tier can be watered over the entire area. Water then runs from above into the lower levels of the potato tower and moistens the soil in the middle. Just make sure you don't pour water directly onto the leaves of your plants, but directly into the soil. So that excess irrigation water can drain out of the bottom of the potato tower, the bottom of the individual tiers of PAUL POTATO is not closed, but rather has small holes. If you want to place the potato tower on the balcony or terrace, we recommend a coaster .

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Easy harvest

Harvesting in a potato tower has the advantage that the finished potatoes do not have to be dug up over a large area, but rather all grow in a small area. When the leaves of the plants change color and become dry, you can harvest the potatoes .

Floor by floor is simply “cleared out”. To avoid damaging the potatoes, you can simply do this with your hands. Gloves can be helpful. After the potatoes have been removed from the excess soil and roots, they should dry for a while (about a day). Then they can be processed.