Laufende Pflege von CHARLY CHILI

Ongoing care from CHARLY CHILI

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Thanks to the integrated water tank and stable climbing system , CHARLY CHILI not only makes your plants happy, but also relaxes you. Of course, like almost every plant, chilies also require appropriate care. Here you will find all the important tips and tricks for a productive, fiery-hot chili harvest.


Chilies love sun and warmth. Therefore, chili plants enjoy the direct midday sun and many hours of sunshine. They therefore thrive best in a place protected from the wind, directly on a house wall from which the heat is radiated back.



After planting, you should water your chili plants from above for a while. Also fill the water tank. Once the roots reach into the water tank, all you have to do is fill the tank regularly. You can easily check this by slightly lifting the plant pot. The integrated irrigation bands ensure that the soil in the root area is also kept moist. This allows the plant to absorb all the important nutrients from the soil.

A tip that is particularly useful on particularly hot days: spray the leaves of the chili plants when the sun is not shining directly on the leaves. Habaneros, for example, love high humidity and regular showers.



Like peppers and hot peppers, chilies are heavy feeders, meaning they remove a lot of nutrients from the soil in order to produce plenty of fruit. These nutrients must therefore be supplied to the soil regularly. Ideally, our long-term organic sheep's wool fertilizer was mixed into the soil when planting. You can then add organic liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water every 2 weeks and water the soil from above. We recommend emptying the water tank after fertilizing with liquid fertilizer and filling it with fresh water.