Hilfe, mein Salat schießt!

Help, my salad is shooting!


Like every living creature, lettuce also needs to ensure its reproduction. This happens during the so-called “bolting” process, in which the lettuce grows upwards and finally blooms. High temperatures and increasing day length in particular lead to changes in metabolism and thus to early flowering.

A tall stem suddenly “shoots” out of the middle of your crisp green salad, on which small leaves and later flowers form? Then this is your lettuce's automatic defense mechanism to protect itself from predators. The plant also produces bitter substances that make the crisp lettuce leaves inedible. Don't panic, they are not poisonous. You can find out how you can easily prevent this process and how you can still use the salad below 👇

Pay attention to the correct sowing times

Otherwise, the temperature and number of hours of sunshine do not match the optimal growth conditions. Only plant germinated plants in the bed when a cold period is no longer expected so as not to disrupt the plant's rhythm.


Use bullet-resistant varieties

There are varieties that are particularly suitable for growing in summer. Because of their resistance to warm temperatures, these lettuces are not prone to bolting.

More planting distance = more harvest

The planting distance plays a big role when growing lettuces. If the heads do not have enough space to fully expand, this can promote so-called “shooting”, i.e. premature growth upwards.


Provide ideal growing conditions

👉Also pay attention to an optimal location and sufficient watering. Thanks to SAMMY SALAD, you no longer have to worry about the latter, as your lettuce plants are always supplied with the right amount of water via the integrated water tank.

Recognize the right harvest time

👉 It's best to make a note of the sowing time and keep an eye on the specified harvest time for the respective variety. A head of lettuce is generally ready to harvest as soon as a firm head has formed. It is therefore better to harvest salads in good time before they start shooting.


Too late, what now?

Did your salad shoot? Unfortunately, it can no longer be used in the kitchen. We have a tip for you on how you can still use it!

Simply leave the lettuce in the raised bed and harvest the seeds after flowering. But note: the seeds of a prematurely sprouting lettuce unfortunately also tend to quickly form a flower in the next generation instead of a crisp head of lettuce. That's why, for successful breeding, you should always let the most beautiful and largest heads bloom.