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How do I set up TOM TOMATO?

Growing your own tomatoes has never been easier!
It is important to us that our products are easy to assemble and plant also works in a quick and simple way. This is why we also came up with a sophisticated system for TOM TOMATO . You get the tomato pot in its individual parts, but the assembly is done in a few simple steps.

In this detailed TOM TOMATO how-to you get to know everything about the quick set-up and the ongoing care of your tomato plant. In a few steps you can also harvest your own organic tomatoes on your balcony, terrace or in the garden. So what are you waiting for?

TOM TOMATO Time: 15 minutes Cost: EUR 39.90

Things needed:

- 20L soil - 1 tomato plant - organic sheep's wool fertilizer


- there are no tools required for TOM TOMATO set-up



Fold the irrigation wicks into a U-shape and lead them through the openings in the bottom of the planter.

TOM-TOMATO-Howto1 Step2:

Place the planter onto the water tank.

TOM-TOMATO-Howto2 Step3:

Put the stabilizer for the climbing support in the middle of the planter.

TOM-TOMATO-Howto3 Step 4:

Assemble all tubes with the connectors.

TOM-TOMATO-Howto4 Step5:

Insert the climbing support through the stabilizer and place it firmly onto the base of the planter.

TOM-TOMATO-Howto5 Step 6:

TOM TOMATO is now ready to plant.



Fill TOM TOMATO with approx. 20 liters of tomato soil. We suggest to mix the soil with an organic long-term fertilizer (eg with our organic sheep's wool fertilizer ). Afterwards, plant a tomato seedling right next to the climbing support. TOM-TOMATO-Growing1 Step2:
Water the soil around your plant from above during the first few weeks. So fill the water tank with approx. 4.5 liters of water. TOM-TOMATO-Growing2 Step3:
As soon as the roots reach the water tank, water your plant via the water tank only. Fill up regularly. TOM-TOMATO-Growing3 Step 4:
During growth, hang the main shoot into the integrated fastening clips. TOM-TOMATO-Growing4