Organic Sheep’s Wool Fertilizer

Ideal for an organic, long-term fertilization of your plants. Providing all important nutrients and long-lasting water retention effect.


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Organic Sheep's Wool Fertilizer


This sheep's wool fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made from pure sheep's wool from Austria. Thanks to the small size of the granules, the fertilizer can be worked into the soil easily and evenly.

With our organic sheep's wool fertilizer, your plants will thrive! The natural fertilizer made from pure, untreated and sustainable sheep's wool provides important nutrients and healthy soil for up to 6 months.

  • Strengthening the roots: with its important nutrients, like nitrogen and potassium, this fertilizer strenghtens the roots of you plants and allows them to grow vigorously.
  • Water storage: the granulate stores up to 3.5 times its own weight in water. This helps plants through periods of drought.
  • Protects agains soil acidification: this organic sheep's wool fertilizer counteracts soil acidification due to its high pH value.
  • Loosening of the soil: thanks to its ability to take up high amount of water, the granulate swells up and thereby loosens the soil.
  • Suitable for all vegetation phases: the fertilizer can be used in every vegetation phase. Even young plants grow healthy and vigorous when the BIO sheep's wool fertilizer is used as a starter fertilizer.


PAUL POTATO ca. 100g/Etage
TOM TOMATO ca. 200g/Topf
CHARLY CHILI ca. 100g/Topf
Starkzehrer ca. 150-200g/m² (Kartoffeln, Tomaten etc.)
Mittelzehrer ca. 100g/m² (Salat, Karotten, Kräuter etc.)
Schwachzehrer ca. 75g/m² (Radieschen, Bohnen etc.)


The organic sheep's wool fertilizer can be used for almost all vegetables, fruit, ornamental and indoor plants. No matter whether you use this fertilizer in the garden, in the greenhouse, in the raised bed or in a pot, your plants will be grateful to you! Recommendation for use: for the best effect, the fertilizer is worked into the soil or covered with at least 5cm of soil.


Made from pure sheep's wool

Our tip:

  • 1 tablespoon: approx. 10g
  • 1 handful: approx. 35-40g
  • 1 cup: approx. 140g

When planting your seedlings, just mix the pellets with soil. In the video down below Armin is showing how this works:

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Starter 400g, X-Large 1.600g