Potatoes as a household remedy

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That's why searched for more possible applications. Here you get to know how the potato can be used outside the cuisine.

1) Dry hands? Potatoes instead of hand lotion.
Sounds strange, but works!
When boiling potatoes they emit vitamins and minerals to the water. Leave the water to cool down after boiling and take a hand bath there for 10-15 minutes. Your skin will be smooth and soft afterwards. A great alternative especially in winter, when the skin is dry and chapped. Potatoes instead of hand lotion

2) Stomach-ache? Dr. potato can help!

If you complain of stomach-ache, you can try to alleviate them with the juice of a raw potato. Potato juice is not that tasty, but well known as a household remedy. Due to the ingredients it is able to normalize the excessive acid production in the stomach. That provides relief for your symptoms, even for heartburn and eructation.

How can I get potato juice? The healthiest option is to use a potato out of your PAUL POTATO harvest, because you know exactly under what conditions the grew. Extremely important: remove absolutely all the zest, because it should under circumstances be consumed when it's raw. if you have a juicer, use it. If not, grate the potato into a clean dish cloth and squeeze out the juice. In both cases you should drink the juice immediately before oxidizing and the loss of important ingredients.


3) Salty soup? A potato can save it!

It can happen very quickly that you add a little bit too much salt to taste the soup. That's where potatoes are used very often as a household remedy. You don't need to dispose of your soup.

Because there is one option to undo your little mistake. Unfortunately not every dish can be rescued with this trick. Just add one raw potato, peeled and cut into large pieces , to soups, goulash or chili con carne. Bring the dish to boil one more time. The potato's starch absorbs some salt and normalizes the dish.

pumpkin soup

4) Tension? Potatoes instead of a hot-water bottle!

Another popular household remedy are potato compresses. In case of tensions, neck, shoulder or stomach-ache the steam heat is pretty good. Potato compresses are made easily: just boil 5-6 medium sized potatoes. Afterwards peel and put them into a cloth (preferably made of cotton or linen) and mash them carefully. As soon as the compresses are not too hot anymore, but still warm put them on the affected area. It's not the ingredients that provide relaxation. It's the heat conducting characteristic of potatoes!


5) Pinching shoes? No problem when using potatoes!

Nearly everyone knows the situation- you bought new leather shoes and in the beginning they are pinching. To widen the shoes you can use our super vegetables again. Get a raw potato and halve it. Place the wet side of the potato on the pinching area. Additionally fill the shoe with some newspaper to fix the potato. During the night the potato's starch softens the leather. Remove the residues with a wet towel and put on your shoes.

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Our conclusion: potatoes are cool all-rounders even outside the cuisine. Our grandmothers already knew that potatoes are very versatile and work great as household remedies.

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