How to overwinter strawberry plants in SISSI STRAWBERRY

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Strawberries are perennial, which means that they are hardy and can easily survive the climate of our winter. With a few easy steps you can ensure that your strawberries bear the same quantity of fruits the next year. Or maybe even more!

Useful tips

When there are no fruits any more on your plants in autumn, you can trim all shoots and withered leaves. Afterwards there should be nearly no more leves on the plant. This way the plants do not need to spend their energy unnecessarily for the leaves. This energy is needed to survive the cold temperatures. However, be careful not to hurt the heart of the plant! The cuttings should be removed afterwards, otherwise there is a high risk of rot and mold.

If you prepare your plants carefully, place SISSI STRAWBERRY stacked or the individual levels on a protected location. Preferably on the terrace, the balcony Additionally we would recommend to protect your plants with a breathable anti-freeze cover. Our anti-freeze cover for PAUL POTATO is suitable for SISSI STRAWBERRY as well. The anti-freeze cover should be removed timely in spring to prevent rot and other diseases when it gets to warm underneath.

Be careful with watering, especially in winter. You should rather not water your plants at all than too much. On frost-free days you can now and then water your plants a little bit. A few drops of water into the openings on the side are more than enough. If the plants got too much water, the freeze is killing the roots and they can never recover.

With these tips you can easily overwinter strawberry plants. So you will have a high-yield strawberry harvest with SISSI STRAWBERRY the next season.

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