It´s BERRY nice to meet you!
With this space-saving strawberry tree you can easily grow delicious and healthy strawberries yourself. It´s height of
113 cm makes it suitable for balconies, terraces and gardens.


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SISSI STRAWBERRY classic: the versatile all-rounder


Strawberries don´t grow on trees. Or do they? For sure, but this is only possible with SISSI STRAWBERRY!
The world´s first strawberry tree enables planting strawberries on every balcony, terrace or in the garden.

SISSI STRAWBERRY classic is the versatile all-rounder among the strawberry trees. With its height of 113cm you can plant up to 13 strawberry plants. Thank´s to the 6 levels you are able to plant other fruits and vegetables like salad, blue berries, herbs, garlic or peppers as well.

Planting is pretty quick and easy. Just fill each floor with soil and place the strawberry plants of your choice in the side openings. After the 5th floor, fix the wallmount to a solid background and place the last floor on them. For more information about how to set up your SISSI STRAWBERRY, go to How-to.

Due to the integrated water conducting system every level of your strawberry tree gets watered evenly.

With your own grown strawberries, you are treating yourself and your family with an incredible experience.

package contents 6 levels
1 base
1 wall mount
size (L x W x H) 270 x 270 x 1130 mm (base: 320 mm)
weight 2,3 kg
soil volume 15 L
needed strawberry plants 13
material polypropylene (PP)
packaging size 395 x 295 x 395 mm


anthracite, white