Undergreen organic long-term fertilizer
Undergreen organic long-term fertilizer
Undergreen organic long-term fertilizer
Undergreen organic long-term fertilizer

Undergreen organic long-term fertilizer

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stores water

promotes humus formation

long-lasting effect

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Undergreen organic long-term fertilizer

The small pellets of Kitchen Passion food contain a special combination of nutrients that optimally support the growth of all types of vegetables and fruits as well as your culinary herbs. The nutrients are 100% natural and bundled in pellet form for easy use. This long-term fertilizer gives your plants even more resistance and healthy growth. It also impresses with these advantages:

  • Water storage power: The pellets can absorb water optimally. The resulting swelling effect also loosens the soil around the roots of your plant.
  • Humus formation is also promoted by the water-absorbing pellets and you don't have to worry about the plants even during longer dry spells - they are still well looked after.
  • Long-lasting effect: The pellets nourish your plants for up to 5 months! This means you are well looked after for the entire season. So you can sit back, relax and reap the ripe fruits of your success.


When repotting: Place the nutrient pellets directly into the hole in the ground.

For existing plants : Work the nutrient pellets approx. 3-4cm deep into the soil and cover with soil again.

Then water your plants well. When watering, the first nutrients are released immediately and provide the plants with all the important nutrients in the long term for up to 5 months.

Even if the ingredients are purely organic, wear gloves during application and wash your hands afterwards.


Organic NPK fertilizer 5+4+6 consisting of:

2.2% S total sulfur: 1.7% S water-soluble sulfur
0.4% MgO total magnesium oxide
0.7% Na Total Sodium
4.5% alkaline active ingredients (as CaO)
organic matter: 60% low in chloride

Raw materials: Animal by-products (untreated sheep's wool, meat bone meal in each category 3 according to EC Regulation 1069/2009), plant materials from food, beverage and animal feed production.


PAUL POTATO 100g/floor
TOM TOMATO 140g/plant pot
CHARLY CHILI 140g/plant pot
SAMMY SALAD 200g/plant tray

Additional Information

Manufacturer: COMPO Austria GmbH, Hietzinger Hauptstraße 119, 1130, Vienna
Country of production: Austria Storage: Store in a dry place at above 6°C and below 35°C, protect from sun. Close packaging tightly.
Keep out of the reach of children and pets.