Tomatenvermehrung durch Geiztriebe

Tomato propagation through stingy shoots

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Your tomato plants in TOM TOMATO are thriving, but would you like to grow more plants in the short term? No problem! We'll show you how you can quickly grow new offshoots from stingy shoots using a simple trick.

Growing your own tomato plants is difficult at first, but as soon as summer and its warm temperatures arrive here, there is no stopping the tomato plants. You can almost see how the popular Mediterranean plants constantly develop new shoots in the leaf axils. These stingy shoots should be removed or pinched off at least once a week on single-shoot tomatoes. This is the only way the plant has enough energy to develop aromatic, ripe tomatoes from the existing inflorescences.

However, you don't necessarily have to dispose of the pinched off shoots. These are very suitable for growing new young plants. The big advantage is that you can still grow new tomatoes from the shoots even when it is already too late to sow them.

That's how it's done

To get a cutting from your tomato plant, simply let a stinger grow on the plant a little longer until it has become strong (around 15-20cm). Not quite sure what miserliness is? Then read our blog post on the topic 👉 “Properly maximizing tomatoes” 👈 in advance.
As soon as your stingy shoot has reached the appropriate size, separate it with your fingers directly at the breaking point in the leaf axil and place it in water. It is important that you pick off the lowest leaves in advance and place it in a warm place, such as on the windowsill. Now all you have to do is wait until your shoot takes root. After 7-8 days you can already see the first mini roots. After 10-12 days, your cutting will be ready to be transplanted into another TOM TOMATO.

Comparison: home grown VS. bought

We tried propagation by stinging shoots with 2 different plants. Once with a stingy shoot from our own tomato plant, which we grew ourselves in the spring with our mini greenhouse including TOM TOMATO seed mix, and once with the stinger shoot from a tomato plant from the supermarket.
Here you can see the results:

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Remove stingy shoots with a length of approx. 15-20cm
  2. Cut slightly diagonally with a sharp knife
  3. remove the lowest leaves
  4. place in a water glass
  5. place in a warm place
  6. Wait for root formation
  7. Plant in another TOM TOMATO filled with nutrient-rich soil

Tip: 💡
A tomato rooted in a glass of water is also ideal as a sustainable gift. Propagation by stingy shoots is possible from May to the end of July - a great gift idea for late-deciding hobby gardeners.

Since the stingy shoot takes root so quickly in a glass of water, growing this type of offshoot is also an impressive project for children.