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TOM TOMATO, the tomato pot with water tank and climbing aid

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Carinthia, February 2021 - TOM TOMATO is the innovation in the field of tomato cultivation. The product impresses with its water tank, the integrated irrigation system and the stable climbing aid. With TOM TOMATO, the young Austrian company Gusta Garden has implemented its vision of the perfect planter, making successful tomato cultivation at home easier than ever before.

Hardly any other vegetable plant is as popular as the tomato. However, growing and caring for tomatoes is usually very demanding. Watering, finding a suitable climbing aid and the right soil are particularly challenging. For this reason, Gusta Garden also developed TOM TOMATO - it offers tomato plants everything they need for optimal and productive growth.

The integrated irrigation bands connect the plant pot to the water tank and thus automatically supply the plants with water. Due to the ideal size of the water tank, it only needs to be refilled with water every few days. In comparison, tomatoes in a standard planter need to be watered 1-2 times a day in summer. This planting system also includes a stable trellis made of high-quality aluminum. The integrated hooks make it easy to attach the shoots.

With TOM TOMATO , the young Austrian company Gusta Garden is expanding its portfolio of innovative and space-saving planters. With PAUL POTATO , the world's first professional potato tower, and SISSI STRAWBERRY , the world's first strawberry tree, Gusta Garden has already established itself on the urban gardening market.

TOM TOMATO (RRP €39.90*) will be available in 3 colors from February 28th, 2021 in the Gusta Garden webshop ( ) as well as on Amazon and at selected retailers.

*RRP: As of February 2022

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