SAMMY SALAD, das Hochbeet mit Wassertank & Haube

SAMMY SALAD, the raised bed with water tank & hood

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Carinthia, March 2022 - With SAMMY SALAD, Gusta Gardens' vision of an innovative raised bed was implemented. With clever functions such as an integrated water tank, water level indicator and removable hood, the profitable and back-friendly cultivation of lettuce, vegetables and herbs is possible all year round.

Of course, a trendy raised bed should not be missing from Gusta Garden's urban gardening portfolio. SAMMY SALAD was created with the aim of developing a high-quality yet inexpensive product including clever functions. Due to its optimal height , SAMMY SALAD enables back-friendly gardening in the smallest of spaces. The well thought-out raised bed offers space for 40 liters of soil and many different types of vegetables. Intermediate floors form the water tank with a 15 liter water capacity. This means the plants are constantly supplied with water and at the same time waterlogging is avoided. The integrated water level indicator and the side filling opening also make watering easier. Thanks to the robust, removable hood, the vegetables are not only protected from frost, but also supported in their growth. The adjustable ventilation openings ensure ideal ventilation in the raised bed. Rounded off by the high-quality larch wood legs from the Nock region, the stylish raised bed is an eye-catcher everywhere.

With SAMMY SALAD , the young Austrian company Gusta Garden is expanding its portfolio of innovative and space-saving planters. With PAUL POTATO , the world's first professional potato tower, SISSI STRAWBERRY , the world's first strawberry tree, TOM TOMATO , the tomato pot with water tank & climbing aid and CHARLY CHILI , the chili pot with water tank & climbing system, Gusta Garden has already established itself on the urban gardening market.

SAMMY SALAD (RRP €89.90*) is currently available for pre-order in 3 elegant color versions in the Gusta Garden webshop ( ) and is expected to be available on Amazon and at selected retailers from the end of March .

*RRP: As of March 2022

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