PAUL POTATO, the world's first professional potato tower

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Carinthia, April 2018 – PAUL POTATO is the first urban gardening product from the young Austrian company Gusta Garden. A potato tower is the space-saving counterpart to the classic raised bed, but specifically developed for growing potatoes. PAUL POTATO is a product that is unique in the world and allows potatoes to be easily grown in several stacked tiers on the balcony, terrace or in the garden.

PAUL POTATO impresses with the following features:

  • included coaster
  • special design for high yield
  • protects against pests
  • Durable, weather-resistant and food-safe material
  • stylish design
  • Space-saving because they can be stacked on top of and inside each other
  • simple cultivation of potatoes, other vegetables and herbs
  • available in plastic and steel

Growing potatoes in a ground-level bed requires a lot of space and is significantly more labor-intensive in every respect compared to growing potatoes in a potato tower. In comparison: thanks to several levels stacked on top of each other, the same amount of potatoes can be grown in 0.2 m² in PAUL POTATO as in 2 m² in the classic ground-level bed.

Easy planting of potatoes

Planting seed potatoes is made easier in the potato tower. One floor after the other is filled about half with earth. A germinable potato is placed in each of the corners. The floors are then filled with earth and stacked on top of each other.

Optimal irrigation

Watering the potato plants in PAUL POTATO is particularly easy. It is enough to water the potato tower over the surface of the top floor. The water automatically seeps into the lower levels of the potato tower and moistens the soil. To avoid waterlogging, the floor of the individual levels of PAUL POTATO is provided with recesses. Excess water can thus drain into the coaster.

Easy harvesting

Harvesting in a potato tower has the advantage that the ripe potatoes do not have to be dug up over a large area, but can also be harvested in layers. When the leaves of the plants change color and dry out, the ripe potatoes are harvested.

Variants of PAUL POTATO

The potato tower is available in several colors, variants and materials in the Gusta Garden webshop ( ) as well as on Amazon and from selected retailers:

  • PAUL POTATO starter (RRP from €39.90*): available with 3 or 4 tiers and in several colors - the plastic version for getting started with potato planting
  • PAUL POTATO starter steel (RRP from €168.50*) available with 3 or 4 tiers - an even more robust, plastic-free version

In addition to PAUL POTATO , Gusta Garden offers everything you need for planting potatoes in the web shop: from seed potatoes to soil and fertilizer, right through to insect and frost protection. Practical instructions, both in video and text format, and delicious recipes can be found on the company blog ( ).

*RRP: February 2022

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