5 typical mistakes when growing tomatoes


1: Wrong location

Tomatoes love warmth and sunlight. Your plant should be sunlit six to seven hours per day to produce lots of fruits. Therefore, sunlight is good, but not all day long - a semi-shaded location suits perfectly. If you place your seedlings at a shady place, their growth will be affected negatively. Furthermore, they produce many leaves, but hardly any or no fruits.

You should also pay attention to the right soil. If the ground is too heavy, the water is not able to drain, which leads to water logging. That´s not good at all for tomatoes, because of the risk of diseases.
Thank´s to TOM TOMATO´sintegrated water tank, this problem solves itself. TB2 Tomato Buddy

2: Early transplanting

The early bird catches the worm?
That doesn´t count for tomatoes. Even if the seedlings look strong and healthy, you should never transplant tomatoes outside when the temperature hasn´t reached a minimum of 15°C. Otherwise the small plants will die quickly, which leads to crop failures. You ought to wait with planting, until the "Forst Saints" around the 15th of May.
This way you can reduce the risk of spring frost.
To be on the safe side, you can also accustom your seedlings to the environmental impacts before planting Just place them outside hourly at a semi-shaded, protected location.
In the beginning direct sunlight should be avoided, otherwise the leaves of your delicate plant can get burned.

3: More is more?

Some think it´s necessary to grow as many plants as possible to get a high-yield harvest. On the contrary, densely planted seedlings grow more slowly and produce less fruits. To make matters worse, the plants are much more vulnerable to diseases due to narrow stocking density. In a patch tomato plants need a planting distance of 60 cm, in a greenhouse at least 50 cm. TOM TOMATO´s volume of soil in the planter and the size of the water tank exactly meet the needs of one tomato plant.

Tom Tomato Tomato Buddy

4: Too much of a good thing

Tomatoes of course need fertilizer to produce lots of fruits. Then a little bit more fertilizer is also wise? Wrong: Altough tomatoes have a high demand for nutrients, too much fertilizer can become your harvest´s downfall. Particularly when the seedlings are still very small. Too much nitrogen leads the plant to spend their energy in growing leaves, but not in growing fruits. Fruits ripen more slowly and get tasteless. In order that your tomatoes are neither over- nor undersupplied, you should use our organic sheep´s wool fertilizer. Just mix this long-term fertilizer with the soil when planting. But keep in mind, that your seedling should have reached a minimum height of 30 cm when using fertilizer. If your seedling is clearly smaller than that, a soil rich in nutrients is more than enough. Leave them some time to grow. Afterwards you can add organic liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water and water the soil around your plants. We recommend emptying the water tank after fertilizing and filling it with fresh water.

5: Avoid showering

There´s much you can get wrong, when watering tomato plants. Because they are pretty demanding: it must not be too dry, but also not too wet. You shall under no circumstances water the plants just from above! The leaves need to stay dry! Otherwise the risk of rot increases dramatically. The plant can get burned as well, when the sun is shining on the wet leaves. To avoid this, you should only water the soil around your plant, just above the ground.

With TOM TOMATO also watering is made fun and easy. You just need to fill up the water tank every few days. This way your plants are always supplied with the right amount of water - never too much and never too little.

Tom Tomato

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