Antifreeze Cover

Delicate plants need protection against cold weather!
This antifreeze cover is suitable for:

  • PAUL POTATO Starter
  • PAUL POTATO Starter Steel
  • PAUL POTATO X-Large Steel

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Antifreeze Cover


You would like to start earlier with planting or grow vegetables in autumn after harvesting potatoes? Then our antifreeze cover is a must-have.

To get a high-yield harvest it´s pretty important to protect your germinating potato plants in spring or your vegetables in autumn in PAUL POTATO against frost.

Especially the leaves are very frost-sensitive and will no longer be able to recover.
That´s annoying - but with our antifreeze cover you won´t have that problem!

Starter X- Large
dimensions 640 x 1150 mm 1000 x 1800 mm
suitable for PAUL POTATO Starter (3 & 4 levels)
PAUL POTATO Starter Steel (3 & 4 levels)
PAUL POTATO X-Large Steel (4 & 6 levels)
material fleece

Starter, X-Large