Blattwerk Liquid Fertilizer

A 100% organic and vegan fertilizer. It is suitable for potatoes, strawberries, other vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits.

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Blattwerk Liquid Fertilizer


BLATTWERK is an 100 % organic and 100% vegan NPK liquid fertilizer, made from pasture grass in a bio refinery in a unique process. Contrary to synthetic fertilizers, which are made of fossil ressources, Blattwerk consists of 100 % renewable resources. It is produced in the EU and free from genetically altered material, chemicals and additives.

BLATTWERK liquid fertilizer is characterized by:

  • High proportion of free amino acids and plant-available nitrogen as well as phosphorus and potassium for optimal plant growth.
  • Use as flower fertilizer, lawn fertilizer, fruit fertilizer, vegetable fertilizer and fertilizer for hemp and herbs. Can be used as leaf, root and soil fertilizer.


Amino acids and nitrogen are directly available to the plant and do not have to be synthesized first. The plant can put the saved energy into fruiting as well as root and leaf growth. Foliage provides strong foliage, protects the fruit and improves photosynthesis. The vegan lactic acid and sugar components increase the bacteria formation in the soil and thus provide more oxygen and stronger roots.

Goods declaration:
organic NPK fertilizer liquid 1.3 + 0.7 + 5.3 with magnesium (MgO) and iron (Fe) using vegetable substances
Nutrient content: Total nitrogen (N): 1.33%, Total phosphorus (P2O5): 0.69%, Total potassium (K2O): 5.30%
Raw materials: 100% vegetable materials from agriculture
Secondary components: iron (Fe): 0.04%, sulphur (S): 0.20%, organic substance: 19.33


Add your BLATTWERK fertilizer to the irrigation water regularly in a dosage of 0.5%. In this concentration, the fertilizer can always be added to the irrigation water regardless of the season and growth phase. For trouble-free and safe dosing, use the dosing cap included with the bottle.

1 L 5 ml
5 L 25 ml
10 L 50 ml

1 Liter (10% Rabatt), 2 Liter (20% Rabatt), 4 Liter (25% Rabatt), 6 Liter (27% Rabatt), 8 Liter (30% Rabatt), 10 Liter (32% Rabatt)