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How do I set up my PAUL POTATO?

Setting up your potato tower is as easy as planting potatoes itself. In this structured step-by-step instructions for PAUL POTATO you will find all important informations you need to get started.
Regardless of whether you want to set up your potato tower on your balcony, terrace or in the garden - it is quick and easy. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right away and you'll soon be harvesting your own fresh potatoes.

PS: If you do not feel like reading all steps, just have a look at the videos down below.

Aufbau Time: 15 minutes Costs: EUR 34.90

Things needed:

PAUL POTATO option: - Starter 3 levels: 42L soil, 9 potato seedlings - Starter 4 levels: 56L soil, 12 potato seedlings - Steel 3 levels: 50L soil, 9 potato seedlings - Steel 4 levels: 70L soil, 12 potato seedlings - XL-Steel 4 levels: 184L soil, 16 potato seedlings - XL-Steel 6 levels: 276L soil, 24 potato seedlings - organic sheep's wool fertilizer (optional)


- provided screws & tools (only necessary to set up PAUL POTATO Steel)

Anleitung für PAUL POTATO:

Step 1:

Place one level onto the tray.

PAUL-POTATO-Howto1 Step 2:

Fill half of the level with soil. We suggest to mix the soil with our organic sheep's wool fertilizer.

PAUL-POTATO-Howto2 Step 3:

Put one potato seedling in each corner.

PAUL-POTATO-Howto3 Step 4:

Fill up the rest of the level with soil.

PAUL-POTATO-Howto4 Step 5:

Stack the next level onto the one you planted before.

PAUL-POTATO-Howto5 Step 6:

Repeat the steps 2 - 5 for every level. Your PAUL POTATO is now set up.


Setting up the different models:


PAUL POTATO Starter Steel


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