CHARLY CHILI, the chili pot with water tank & climbing system


Carinthia, April 2021 - CHARLY CHILI is a new product in the chili growing segment. The chili pot for two chili plants guarantees even watering of the plants through the integrated watering system and gives the plants support due to the specially designed climbing system. CHARLY CHILI combines design and functionality.

Gusta Garden's experience with TOM TOMATO, the tomato pot with water tank & climbing support, formed the basis for the development of CHARLY CHILI, a clever planter which is developed for the simple and high-yield cultivation of chilli plants. The well-thought-out irrigation system consists of a water tank with 4.5 L water volume and irrigation wicks that connect the planting pot (10 L soil volume) with the water tank. In addition, the roots of the plants can also grow into the water tank through slots in the bottom of the planter, so that the plants can always absorb as much water as they actually need. The innovative climbing system for chili plants is variable in height and simple in structure. High-quality aluminum tubes give the entire climbing system stability and grow with the plant. The robust frame was specifically developed for chili plants and perfectly rounds off the climbing system. The lush plants are optimally supported in their growth.

With CHARLY CHILI, the young Austrian company Gusta Garden is expanding its portfolio of innovative and space-saving planters. With PAUL POTATO, the world's first professional potato tower, SISSI STRAWBERRY, the world's first strawberry tree, and TOM TOMATO, the tomato pot with water tank & climbing aid, Gusta Garden has already established itself in the urban gardening market.

CHARLY CHILI (RRP 39.90€*) is available in 3 colors in the Gusta Garden webshop ( as well as on Amazon and at selected retailers.

*RRP as per February 2022


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