TOMATO BUDDY, the climbing support for every planter

TOMATO BUDDY, the climbing support for every planter


Carinthia, in February 2021 - TOMATO BUDDY is the universal climbing support for tomatoes and other climbing vegetables. TOMATO BUDDY offers stability thanks to the integrated base, makes it easier to attach the shoots due to the built-in fastening clips and impresses with its high quality.

TOMATO BUDDY can be placed in any common planter with a diameter at the bottom of at least 20cm. Thanks to the high-quality aluminum tubes and the integrated base, the climbing support from Gusta Garden offers excellent stability and will not to tip over. Because of a combination of individual aluminum tubes and plastic connectors, the height of the climbing aid is variable, and it practically grows with the plant. Before planting, the product is placed in the plant pot and is then fixed with the weight of the soil. With the robust fastening clips, the plants can be attached to the climbing support quickly and easily. The four connected aluminum tubes, including the base, have a total height of 125 cm.

TOMATO BUDDY is the first product of the so-called BUDDY series. It is a concept for handy tools, which perfectly complement and upgrade every common planter. With PAUL POTATO, the world's first professional potato tower, and SISSI STRAWBERRY, the world's first strawberry tree, Gusta Garden has already established itself in the urban gardening market.

TOMATO BUDDY (RRP: 17.99€*) is available in the Gusta Garden Webshop ( as well as on Amazon and at selected retailers.

*RRP as per February 2022

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