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How do I set up TOMATO BUDDY?

You are done with falling tomato climbing supports? Then you are completely right here! TOMATO BUDDY is a stable climbing suppport and adds to every common planter. Our climbing support is placed in the pot before planting and is therefore stabilized by the weight of the soil. The only thing required is a planter with a diameter at the bottom of at least 20 cm.

The set up of TOMATO BUDDY is as easy as planting the tomatoes. You get TOMATO BUDDY in its individual parts, but the assembly is done in a few simple steps.

Are you ready? Then let's get started!

TOMATO BUDDY Time: 10 minutes Costs: EUR 17.99

Things needed:

- planter (diameter at least 20 cm) - soil - 1 tomato plant - organic sheep's wool fertilizer


- there are no tools required to set up TOMATO BUDDY


Step 1:

Package contents: 4 aluminum-tubes, 4 connectors & 1 base

TOMATO-BUDDY-Howto1 Step 2:

Assemble all tubes with the connectors.

TOMATO-BUDDY-Howto2 Step 3:

Insert the climbing- support into the base.

TOMATO-BUDDY-Howto3 Step 4:

Place TOMATO BUDDY in a common planter.



Step 1:
Fill your planter with tomato soil. TOMATO-BUDDY-Growing1 Step 2:
Plant a tomato seedling right next to the climbing support. TOMATO-BUDDY-Growing2 Step 3:
Water your plant regularly. TOMATO-BUDDY-Growing3 Step 4:
During growth hang the main shoot into the integrated fastening clips. TOMATO-BUDDY-Growing4

If you like to have further information, just have a look at our blog!