SISSI STRAWBERRY, the world’s first strawberry tree

SISSI STRAWBERRY, the world’s first strawberry tree


Carinthia, in November 2018 - SISSI STRAWBERRY is the second urban gardening product in the portfolio of the young company Gusta Garden. SISSI STRAWBERRY is a vertical planting system, specially designed for growing strawberries on balconies, terraces or in the garden.

With its space-saving design, the strawberry tree enchants both in urban and rural areas.

SISSI STRAWBERRY impresses with the following features:

  • space-saving due to the vertical design
  • watering from above due to clever water-conduction-system
  • easy cultivation of strawberries as well as herbs and small vegetables
  • made from durable, weather proof and food safe polypropylene
  • stylish design
  • special design to protect plants from pests

Easy planting
Each level is filled with soil. Then strawberry plants are inserted into the side openings and all levels are stacked on top of each other. Optimal watering
The irrigation is done only through the top level. The clever water-conducting system ensures that all plants on all levels are equally watered from top to bottom. The base, which also functions as a tray, prevents the excess water from leaking onto the balcony or terrace.


The strawberry tree is available in four different models and 2 colors in the Gusta Garden webshop ( as well as on Amazon and at selected retailers::

  • SISSI STRAWBERRY starter (RRP 39.90€*): the model for gardening beginners has 4 levels and space for 9 strawberry plants. It can be placed freely.
  • SISSI STRAWBERRY classic (RRP 49.90€*): the all-rounder with 6 levels is delivered including screws, dowels & wall mount and needs to be fixed to a background in order to withstand wind. It has openings for 13 strawberry plants.
  • SISSI STRAWBERRY hanging (RRP 49.90€*): the hanging version can be hung up in a practical and stylish way. 9 strawberry plants can be planted on 4 levels.
  • SISSI STRAWBERRY infinity(RRP 69.90€*): the giant among the strawberry trees. With 10 levels stacked on top of each other, it measures 1.80 m in height and is stabilized by two supplied wall mounts. A total of 21 strawberry plants can be planted.

In addition to the strawberry tree, Gusta Garden also offers useful accessories such as fertilizer, insect or frost protection in the webshop. With the mini greenhouse and the matching strawberry seed mix, growing plants out of seeds at home is easy.

*RRP as per February 2022

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