PAUL POTATO, the world’s first professional potato tower


Carinthia, April 2018 - PAUL POTATO is the first urban gardening product by the young Austrian company Gusta Garden. A potato tower is the equivalent of a classical raised bed, specially designed for growing potatoes. PAUL POTATO is a unique and innovative product with which potatoes can be easily grown in several levels stacked on top of each other. It fits perfectly on the balcony, terrace or in the garden.

PAUL POTATO impresses with the following features:

  • included tray
  • space-saving, because it can be stacked on and in one another
  • simple cultivation of potatoes and other vegetables
  • special design for a high yield
  • protection against pests
  • durable, weatherproof and food safe material
  • stylish design
  • available in several materials, colors and sizes

Growing potatoes in a classical garden bed requires a lot of space and is much more labor-intensive in every respect compared to growing potatoes in this potato tower. In comparison: Thanks to the various stackable levels of PAUL POTATO, you can grow the same amount of potatoes on an area of only 0,2m² as in a classical garden bed with an area of 2m².

Easy planting

The planting of the seed potatoes is simplified in the potato tower. One floor after the other is filled about half with soil. One potato seedling is placed in each of the corners. Then the rest of the level is filled with soil and stacked on top of each other.

Optimal watering

The irrigation of potato plants in PAUL POTATO is simple. The openings in the base of the individual levels enable even watering and protect the plants from water logging. Additionally, the included tray prevents the excess water from leaking onto the balcony or terrace.

Quick harvesting

The advantage of harvesting potatoes from PAUL POTATO is that the ripe potatoes do not have to be dug up over a large area like in a potato field but can be harvested level for level.

Options of PAUL POTATO

The potato tower is available in several colors, versions and materials in the Gusta Garden webshop ( as well as on Amazon and at selected retailers:

  • PAUL POTATO Starter (RRP from 34.90€*): available with 3 or 4 levels and in several colors
  • PAUL POTATO Starter Steel (RRP from 148.50€*) available with 3 or 4 levels - an even more robust, plastic-free option
  • PAUL POTATO X-Large Steel (RRP from 348.50€*): available with 4 or 6 levels - made of robust steel, with larger levels than PAUL POTATO Starter

Everything that is needed for potato planting in addition to PAUL POTATO is available in the Gusta Garden webshop: from seed potatoes to soil and fertilizer, to insect and frost protection.

*RRP: as per February 2022

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