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Paul Potato

The first professional potato tower in the world!

A potato tower is the equivalent of a classical high-rise bed, especially designed for growing potatoes. PAUL POTATO is a unique and innovative product, offering you the following features:

  • simple growing and harvesting of potatoes
  • useable on balconies, terraces and in gardens
  • protection against pests
  • high yields
  • stylish design
  • available in plastic and steel

Paul Potato models


PAUL POTATO is available in two different sizes:


Both versions are available in steel, PAUL POTATO STARTER is also available in high-quality plastic.


Growing methods

SIMPLE: The easy planting method for high yields

The simplest way of planting in PAUL POTATO is the growing method SIMPLE. You have to plant potatoes on all levels at the same time – it does not matter if you plant one or more varieties of potatoes. You can then harvest level by level or all levels at once.

PROFI: The planting method for people interested in experiments and for specialists

In the X-LARGE Version of PAUL POTATO you can try the PROFI planting method. You first plant potatoes on the lowest level. As soon as the seedlings start to appear, you cover them with additional soil and stack another level on top.


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CEO & Sales

DI (FH) Armin Buttazoni
Product & Production

Lukas B├╝rger MA
Design & Product

Mag. David Dietrich CBA
Strategy & Sales Support

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