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You are BERRY sweet!

Growing strawberries made easy! SISSI STRAWBERRY hanging is the version, which can be hung up in a practical and stylish way.

With this space-saving design and a height of 77cm it is perfect for balconies, patios and gardens. You just need a suitable place to hang it.

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SISSI STRAWBERRY hanging: The cool hanging version


You don’t need a garden or a lot of space. With SISSI STRAWBERRY, a small balcony or terrace is sufficient to be able to grow healthy fruit yourself.



Planting is also quick and easy in SISSI STRAWBERRY hanging. Run the rope through the base, then through the first level. Fill this level with substrate and place the strawberry plants of your choice in the side openings. Then you run the rope through the next floor, put in soil, and so on …

After that, all you have to do is water them and watch them grow. Every floor is optimally supplied with water thanks to the built-in irrigation system. Only in the first phase after planting you can carefully water your strawberries a little bit in the side openings until the roots really grow into the main chamber of the levels.

With such little effort you can soon enjoy your own strawberries. Both young and old have fun watching strawberries grow at home.

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White, Anthracite

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