PAUL POTATO X-Large Steel 4 Levels


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PAUL POTATO X-Large steel 4 levels is our second largest potato tower. With this size you get so much more joy and potatoes! You can easily use the top level as a raised bed and plant other vegetables.

What you get:

-4 levels (X-Large, steel)

-Screws and tool

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PAUL POTATO X-Large steel 4 levels: the smaller (but large) luxury version


The X-Large version of our potato tower family with 4 levels offers you even more options. So can easily transform your balcony, terrace or garden into a vegetable heaven. Growing your own vegetables has never been easier.

A potato tower is similar to a raised bed  –  only much cooler! On an area of ​​only 58 × 58 cm (with a height of approx. 72 cm) you can easily grow your own, organic (and maybe crazy) potato varieties on several floors. Or you can use the top floor as a raised bed to grow herbs, lettuce, radishes, onions and much more! Mmmmh, just delicious …

PAUL POTATO X-Large steel can be screwed together in a few simple steps. Don’t worry – the necessary tools are included and the set – up is really easy! What you definitely need for the PAUL POTATO Starter Steel 4 levels: 184 liters of soil. And if you only want to plant potatoes, you need an additional 16 potato seedlings.

It is practical that you can get all the necessary accessories from us. From potato seedlings to antifreeze covers to fertilizers…. This way your harvest will definitely get bigger!

With the X-Large potato tower, you also have the option of growing your potatoes in 2 different ways.

Simple Method:

PAUL POTATO XLarge Variante Anbau Simple

The simplest way of planting in PAUL POTATO is the simple growing method. You have to plant potatoes on all levels at the same time – it does not matter if you plant one or more varieties of potatoes. You can then harvest level by level or all levels at once.

Professional Method:

PAUL POTATO Xlarge Anbau Variante Profi

In the X-LARGE Version of PAUL POTATO you can try the professional planting method. You first plant potatoes on the lowest level. As soon as the seedlings start to appear, you cover them with additional soil and stack another level on top.


So, which method will you choose?

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 64 × 64 × 76 cm

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