PAUL POTATO Starter 3 Levels incl. Tray


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The smallest potato tower – with three floors, PAUL POTATO Starter 3 Levels offers you the first experience of growing potatoes. Growing vegetables on the balcony or terrace has never been easier

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PAUL POTATO Starter 3 Levels: The Beginner’s Model

Fresh potatoes !? You only get them directly from a farm? They are difficult to get in the city? That used to be…. because PAUL POTATO, our potato tower, is the solution!

A potato tower is similar to a raised bed – just way cooler! Whether you live in the city or in the country, a small balcony or terrace is enough to plant your own potatoes. This is really easy, because PAUL POTATO offers the following advantages:

-simpler cultivation of potatoes and other vegetables

– included tray

-special design for high yield

– protects against pests

– durable, weatherproof material

– stylish design

– space-saving, because it can be stacked on and in one another

Our PAUL POTATO Starter 3 levels is the smallest of our potato towers. On an area of ​​only 44x44cm (with a height of approx. 50cm) you can easily grow your own, organic (and maybe crazy) potato varieties. PAUL POTATO comes ready-to-plant, which means you only need 42l of soil and 9 potato seedlings. Then you can get started. Or you go for the bundle, where you get everything you need as a set.

Of course, you can order everything you need individually. From potato seedlings to fertilizer…. Why carry everything to the 5th floor yourself if the parcel service can do it for you?

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 65 cm

Anthracite, Green, White

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