Greenhouse Schlossgarten with majestic strawberry seed mix


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An easy way to grow delicious and healthy strawberries out of seeds!

This set includes:

– 1 greenhouse Schlossgarten
– growing pots
– 1 liter of pop-up earth
– 1 majestic strawberry seed mix (3 varieties)

Get ready for the 2019 strawberry season!

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With this set you get everything you need to easily grow your own strawberry plants from seeds at home.

This greenhouse allows you to start growing your strawberry plants while it’s still cold outside, meaning that you will be ready at just the right time to plant your SISSI STRAWBERRY with your own strawberry plants in warmer weather. The benefit of this is that you know exactly where your plants come from and under which circumstances they have grown.

The majestic strawberry seed mix lets you grow three different delicious varieties:

– Florian Strawberries with pretty rose colored flowers
– Benarys Strawberries with classic white flowers
– Ampelerdbeere Strawberries with striking pink flowers


Each of these varieties grows big, beautiful, red fruits throughout the year. They are extremely aromatic, taste wonderful, and are also particularly healthy thanks to a high vitamin C content!

While the fruits of Benarys grow a little smaller and are as intense in flavor as the beloved wild strawberries, the Ampelerdbeere bears large, sweet fruits. Florian is a high-quality hybrid variety with especially juicy and dark red berries.

With its built-in ventilation system and the adjustable opening, the greenhouse is designed to provide your seeds with an optimal climate for germination. Also, the growing pots are the perfect size for replanting young strawberries later on – the strawberries then grow best in SISSI STRAWBERRY, the world’s first strawberry tree.


Our Schlossgarten greenhouse with its majestic strawberry seed mix prepares you perfectly for the coming strawberry season. Grow your own strawberry plants!


Read here about how this works and what tips we have for you!

P.S.: Of course you can also grow other fruits, vegetables or herbs from seeds in the Schlossgarten!

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