How to set up my PAUL POTATO potato tower?


So, you want to get started with growing your own delicious potatoes – on your balcony, terrace, or garden. Well, on this page you will find the most important information you need to get started, from building your PAUL POTATO to fertilizing, here are the answers to your questions. You’re just steps away from being a real potato grower!

Setting up the different models


Take it easy – setting up your potato tower is as easy as planting potatoes. If you are not sure about the best way of taking care of your Paul Potato, read our short instructions or have a look at the videos below.

Here’s a short step by step explanation for setting up Paul Potato.


Step 1: Our plastic models are ready-to-plant, no need for extra building! For these models, simply start at step 2 of the set-up.

Our steel models have to be set up with the screws that are included in the package. After assembling the levels, you have to insert the bottom tray that helps distributing the water and keeps out larger vermin. All in all, assembling the levels just takes a few minutes!


Step 2: You have to fill up half of the first level with soil. Then you put a seed potato in each corner. Afterwards, you add a layer of soil. The bucket should be filled up leaving only a few centimeters up to the rim.


Step 3: This is even easier than the previous step: Just put the next level on top of the one you filled before and repeat step two for every level of your potato tower.

PAUL POTATO Starter Steel

How to take care of your potato plants



There is, of course, an optimum amount of water each plant should receive. For potato plants, the optimum amount is smaller than most people would imagine. Why? Potato plants should not be watered too much and especially the leaves should be left free from water, as the plants have a tendency to get moldy and rot. The ideal time of the day for watering is in the morning. And: water the roots, not the leaves! This means that you should only water the edges of the lower levels of your Paul Potato. On the uppermost level, you can water the whole area. Use most of the water on the uppermost level – the water will drip into the lower levels, therefore they do not need as much water as the uppermost one.



To provide the best nutrients to your potato plants, we advise you to use fertilizers. These support the growth of the plants ideally. You just have to mix the fertilizer into the first layer of soil before planting the seed potatoes. In our shop you can find sheep’s wool fertilizer as well as vegan liquid fertilizer.