TOM TOMATO seed mix

A great selection of tomato varieties, to grow your own tomato plants:

  • cocktail tomato Supersweet 100
  • tomato Hellfrucht
  • tomato Goldene Königin

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Growing tomatoes out of seeds

With our TOM TOMATO seed mix you can grow three different, aromatic tomato varieties. Each of these varieties produces big, beautiful fruits. They are extremely aromatic and taste wonderful. This colorful mix is definitely the right choice:

The red cocktail tomato Supersweet 10 is a sweet and particularly aromatic tasting variety. As a stake tomato the guarantee high yields in the form of small fruits, similar to cherries.

A robust, high yielding outdoor tomato: that's what makes the tomato Hellfrucht a speciality for amateur gardeners. The light coloured fruits are burst proof even with changeable weather and very resistant.

With their bright, golden yellow fruits impresses the high yielding variety Goldene Königin. The fruits with a size between 3 and 5cm are characterized by their mild, but sweet-aromatic flavour.

To create the perfect climate and get strong, resistent plants, we recommend to grow your seeds in our Mini-Greenhouse. Later, the tomato plants grow best in TOM TOMATO, the tomato pot with water tank and climbing support.