Summer lettuce seed-mix

Our seed-mix for summer lettuce growing consists of these heat-resistant varieties:

  • Batavia (Grazer Krauthäuptel)
  • Iceberg (Barcelona)
  • Romaine (Tantan)

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Summer lettuce

For growing in the mid of summer you should not use the same varieties as in spring. Compared with the early varieties, summer lettuce cannot survive frost and should therefore be sowed or planted only after the “Frost Saints” (from the middle of May until June). But these varieties tolerate high temperatures and do
not tend to shoot. Between July and September, they are ready for harvesting.

The "Grazer Krauthäuptel" is a Batavia variety and forms beautiful, big and green heads with a red leaf margin. This great-tasting speciality has its origin in the Austrian Styria. Furthermore this summer variety is resistant against fungal infestation.

The iceberg lettuce "Barcelona" is a typical, recommendable, high-yield variety. The big, green and compact heads of first-class quality are resistant against lettuce aphid.

Tantan is a crunchy, approximately 18 cm high growing Romaine with delicious lettuce hearts. This variety impresses with their resistancy against heat - they do not shoot. Have you already sampled? In our Chili con carne Wraps this lettuce variety tastes delicious.

sowing depth germination harvesting
Batavia (Grazer Krauthäuptel) 0,2 cm 6-15 days as soon as a firm head is formed
Iceberg (Barcelona) 0,2 cm 6-15 days as soon as a firm head is formed
Romaine (Tantan) 0,2 cm 6-14 days as soon as a firm head is formed


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