A great selection of strawberry varieties, to grow your own plants:

  • variety Florian
  •  variety Benarys
  • variety Ampelerdbeere

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Growing strawberries from seeds


With the majestic strawberry seed mix, you can grow three different, aromatic strawberry varieties. Each of these varieties produces big, beautiful, red fruits throughout the year. They are extremely aromatic, taste wonderful, and are also particularly healthy thanks to a high vitamin C content!

Florian is a high-quality hybrid variety that bears strikingly dark red and excellent tasting fruits all season long.

The sweet taste of the big fruits, the high yield and not needing too much care – that makes the Ampelerdbeere perfect for hobby gardeners.

The fruits of the variety Benarys are especially flavorful.  They grow a little smaller, but their taste is quite similar to the one of wild strawberries.

The majestic strawberry seed mix not only guarantees you delicous fruits, but also a beautiful bloomage. The Florian Strawberry impresses with its pretty rose colored blossoms, our Benarys enchants with its classic white blossoms, and the Ampelerdbeere attracts attention with its pink blossoms.


To create the perfect climate and get strong, resistent plants, we recommend to grow your seeds in our Mini-Greenhouse.

Later, the strawberries grow best in SISSI STRAWBERRY, the world’s first strawberry tree!