SeedCells Small Space Garden Mix and Mixed Lettuce

The kit contains 16 quick growing seed pods with these 8 varieties:

  • Small Space Garden Mix: cherry tomato, cayenne pepper, bell pepper & cucumber
  • Mixed Lettuce: watercress, oak, butterhead & red lettuce

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Plantable seed pods


You don't like sowing seeds? Then we have a smart solution for small space outdoor and indoor windowsill gardening:
The award-winning SeedCell is an easy to use, biodegradable, plant pod filled with seeds. The SeedCell shape is designed to reach optimum germination depth. The mess-free alternative requires no tools, and is guaranteed to grow. As the seeds grow the pod breaks down into the soil and encourages healthy plant growth.


Easy to grow
This seed selection box is fun and easy to use for anyone from beginner growers to experienced green-fingered gardeners. You just need a plant pot filled with soil. SAMMY SALAD suits perfectly as well.
SeedCell water absorbing technology allows it to retain water longer than other materials, to deliver a steady supply to the herb seeds, without the risk of overwatering.


SeedCell pods are manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled materials, in a closed loop process where waste is put back into the production cycle. The pods are made from certified compostable and 100% biodegradable materials, for an eco-friendly gardening experience.


1. Fill a plant pot (SAMMY SALAD) with good quality compost & water well.

2. Snap out each seed pod from your disk & place into the compost until almost submerged (about half an inch/ 1cm showing).

3. The pod will absorb the water from the compost and feed nutrients directly to the seed. Make sure to keep the compost moist. Do not over water!

4. When your plant becomes big enough, plant out into a bigger plant pot or directly in the ground. The pod will eventually fully biodegrade leaving no waste!


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