Root vegetable seed-mix

Our seed-mix for colorful root vegetable cultivation consists of these tasty varieties:

  • Carrots (Harlequin)
  • Spring onions (long white)
  • Radishes (color mix)

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Radishes (color mix)

What goes better with a salad than crunchy vegetables? That is why we chose 3 tasty and colorful varieties for this seed mix, which are guaranteed to spice up any salad. The root vegetables can be sown outdoors from March and ideally harvested just a few weeks after sowing.

“Harlequin” is a mix of colorful carrots in the colors orange, yellow, white and violet. Simply delicious!

"Long white" is a quite fast-growing variety of long, tender spring onions. They form a beautiful, white shaft and are characterized by their very good, intense taste. The first green stalks can be cut off just a few weeks after sowing. Depending on the location, the whole spring onions are ripe after about 3 months.

The radishes "color mix" are, as the name suggests, plants in different colors. Harvesting is guaranteed to be a surprise experience. The different radishes in the colors red, white, red-white, yellow and violet have a strong taste and are an eye-catcher in every salad.

sowing depth germination harvest
Carrots (Harlequin) 0,5 - 1 cm 1 – 2 weeks 12 – 14 weeks after sowing
Spring onions (long white) 1 - 2 cm 2 – 3 weeks 5 – 6 weeks after sowing
Radishes (color mix) 0,5 - 1 cm 8 – 10 days 3 – 8 weeks after sowing


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