Refill Set PAUL POTATO Starter 3 Levels

You already have PAUL POTATO and you want to replant it? Then you are right here. The set includes:

  • 45L Gusta Garden potato soil
  • 400 g sheep´s wool fertilizer
  • 10 potato seedlings (variety of your choice)

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Refill Set for PAUL POTATO Starter 3 levels


You already have a PAUL POTATO and you want to replant it?
The set includes everything you need to refill your PAUL POTATO:

  • our high-quality Gusta Garden potato soil (45 L) which contains lots of nutrients for a rich potato harvest
  • 400 g organic sheep´s wool fertilizer, which is manufactured from pure sheep wool, providing a long-lasting water retention effect (up to 6 months)
  • 10 potato seedlings (variety of your choice)

The quantities are ideal for PAUL POTATO starters with 3 levels.
If you want to fill a PAUL POTATO starter with 4 levels, then you can simply add some conventional soil.

Not sure which potato variety is the right one for you? Then have a look on the table down below. There you can find all our available potato seedlings including their characteristics.

If you want to know how you plant potatoes in PAUL POTATO, have a look at our How-to.

color characteristic size
Annabelle yellow starchy | second early 35-55mm
Birgit red skin, yellow flesh all-purpose | first early 35-55 mm
Blaue St. Galler blue/purple all-purpose | second early 35-55 mm
Blue Belle yellow/purple skin, yellow flesh all-purpose | second early 35-55 mm
Estima yellow waxy | second early 35-50 mm
King Edward pink/yellow skin, yellow flesh all-purpose | maincrop 30-50 mm
Linda yellow waxy | second early 30-55 mm
Nemo red/yellow skin, yellow flesh all-purpose | second early 35-50 mm
Zoe red starchy | second early 35-45 mm

Adretta, Birgit, Blaue St. Galler, Blue Belle, Estima, King Edward, Linda, Nemo, Zoe


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